Will My Horse Collect?

I thought you would be glad to hear of my first ten days of experience with the bridle.

I have tried it so far in my old horse, Shoot 17yo, who is trained in intermediate dressage and show jumping. I bought him 9 years ago when he was ruined by bad training habits (I was a beginner then). Shoot always told me how he appreciated soft and gentle hands, and to communicate with him I have the seat, the legs, breathing, voice and yes, hands as well.

Because of his early training he at times panicked between jumps (lines or corrals) and it was not possible to regulate his rhythm, a strong intervention in the mouth made only things worst. But now, with the nurture bridle, he listens and the communication is much simpler. He never collected as much as he is collecting now, his flying changes have benefited as well. Things are eitheer equal or better with the new bridle.

I had not a single problem. Being a kind of bridle not known around here, there was a lot of curiosity and the usual though “you are not going to be able to control him”. But now, those that spoke that way are saying: he seems happier and performs better than with the snaffle. Yet, they cut their “losses” believing that this only happens to special horses like Shoot.


Next challenge: Lianus, a 7yo powerful warmblood stallion, that also indicates how terrible a bit is for him (opening his mouth, moving his tongue above the bit). He improved a lot in the 4mo with me as I have been relying on kind hands and communication, I am looking forward to another wonderful experience,