Brenda asked why we call it a Nurtural bitless?

Zoe’s story starts with a baby hummingbird and a bunch of teenagers. She remembers, “The summer we invented the bridle, our son had some friends over to visit, and another boy found what he thought was an ornament of a hummy on the garden wall. Then the ornament peeped. They wondered if they should ‘save it from the cats and just put it out of any suffering.’ But my son said, ‘No. Bring it to Zoe. She’ll nurture it back to health.”

I was so impressed that these teenagers knew about nurturing, that I thought of Nurtural as the next stage in Natural. (Nature can be cruel, but to nurture is defined as ‘to improve and develop with kindness.’)

I did a Google search and got only three hits on the word nurtural. Now there are hundreds of thousands, mainly about this bridle! Thanks for asking!” Zoe