Will My Horse Stop in a Bitless?



photo by Equin


Concern that your horse won’t stop in a bitless bridle is usually the result of the misconception that a bit makes a horse stop. When we think about this logically, it becomes apparent that a 1,500-pound horse could never be made to stop with a small metal bar between its teeth. In truth, the horse chooses to stop when it has learned to give to pressure.

The process of learning to give to pressure is identical with a bitted bridle as it is with a bitless one¦with one exception¦no pain. Instead of pinching and squeezing the horses mouth, teaching him to resist and avoid, the bitless bridle communicates the idea that release of pressure is simply what you want him to experience.

Horses that fight and avoid a bit, consistent experience has shown, quickly learn to give to the firm, but clear, message sent through pressure from the Nurtural Bitless Bridle.

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what some Nurtural owners have to say about stopping in the Nurtural:

“I have a 21 year old Belgian Draft. Put him in this bitless now he stops on a dime and gives you a nickel change.”