Do you tell everyone you meet about your bitless adventure?

Have you transitioned someone to be bitless too?

Become a Nurtural Ambassador and also get paid for it!

1. Submit the form below – don’t worry if you don’t have a website, just enter the url of your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram – well, whatever social media platform you like (if you don’t use social media, please call Partner Care at 1-877-877-5845)

2. Once your Partner status has been activated, log into the Partner Area and utilize the resources. Stop sending traffic away from your site – this provides a strategy that will reward you if they decide to shop here! Resources in the Partner Area include a url with your unique Partner code, as well as graphics you can put on your website which also include your unique Partner code. Check back often as we will be enhancing the Partner Area every chance we get.

3. For those who work offline, a coupon code will be set up so that you get the credit when your clients complete a purchase with us. Just let Partner Care know you need a coupon.

4. You begin earning from the first sale. After five sales have been successfully logged – you will have the option to receive store credit or an email payment.

5. Tiered Rates! The more you sell the higher commission you earn. The amounts are cumulative for your lifetime. No filling a new quota every month to hit your commission rate.

  • 10% for sales of $200 – $599

  • 15% for sales of $600 – $1199

  • 20% for sales of $1200 – $1999

  • 25% for sales of $2000 and up