How Long to Re-Train for Bitless?

Not long at all! We do public Nurtural Bitless Challenges saying “Bring us ANY horse. Whatever it does in a bit, you will do better in a Nurtural Bitless.” We have 30 minutes to show what you can do in it, take horse and rider (or driver) bitless for the first time, and then repeat whatever they did in the bit. Every horse to date has done noticeably better!

See how quickly and easily these horses do better in the Nurtural Bitless.


When you get your new Nurtural, after carefully fitting the bridle to be sure you have room for pressure and release, we recommend you begin by showing your horse from the ground how the bridle works — turn each way and back up. Do some yielding, lunging or whatever you normally do. Then hop on and take a few steps at the walk, and stop. Take a few steps at the walk, and turn a couple tight circles. Then take a few steps at the walk, stop and back up. Repeat this at the trot, then at the lope/canter. Then just put the horse through his paces and watch how he/she relaxes.

If you have any trouble whatsoever — contact us at Nurtural Horse. We can help! 1-877-877-5845