General question asked – How is the bitless bridle going to give me a good control of the horse?

General answer: nothing gives you good control of the horse except what the horse grants – no bit will stop a horse from bolting or bucking or any other ‘mis’behavior.

More specific answer:

  • The Nurtural (in particular) helps you #TrainYourselfFirst in schooling your hands to be quiet – becoming mindful that “Pressure is Ask and Release is Reward”.

  • Horses have to be taught to move away from pressure and that is usually pretty simple because you are dealing with an animal who can feel a fly land on its wither or rump and then pinpoint it to make it leave!

  • You are building a new and different interaction with your horse – a new partnership, a new language, a new dance!

Now, the secret to the whole works is the Circle-X which stabilizes the bridle on the horse’s head so well that you need to fit the headstall loosely enough to easily slide your flat hand under every strap. When it is fitted properly there is no pressure on the horse except the weight of the headstall – maybe a 20 ounces?

We have people telling us their horse becomes so responsive that they can flick their pinky and the horse responds. Not only that but when you stop relying on your hands you become a better horseman/woman by using leg and seat and breathing to convey your desires.

This isn’t just another piece of tack. Seriously – it’s a line in the sand – a chance to stop doing it the way it’s always been done and move to a new space with your horse.

We invite you to have a closer look at the Nurtural – shop here in Canadian Dollars or on ebay in US Dollars

(P.S. big shoutout of THANKS to our friend Lisa, an actual customer of Nurtural Horse, who made this video for us with her beloved Sami)