How Do I…


That IS the true question, after you’ve changed your mindset – your attitude – about whether it takes something in the mouth of the horse to control the horse!

First of all – How do I measure? Why is it that important!?! I mean, I’ve always bought a full and it worked just fine.

A: This is unlike any headstall you’ve ever used, in that it ISN’T holding a bit in the mouth! This bridle is all about pressure and release. Release is reward. If the bridle is tight – you have cut off the reward! So. When you fit it, you want it loose enough to easily slide your flat hand under every strap.

By the way, when it’s fitted properly the straps that go down the sides of the face which are attached to the noseband: when you pull for a woah or apply pressure, you WANT them to POOF! Embrace the POOF! Sure your friends are going to make fun of you BUT your horse will be most appreciative! Resist the urge to adjust the straps so it doesn’t happen, unless of course, you like cutting effectiveness in half?

Go here to measure and know you have the right sized Nurtural for your horse!


Then – How do I fit it? This is weird!

A: We have a fine fitting page with video HERE – we recommend that you watch it when your Nurtural arrives, then go do the basic fitting on your horse. Then come watch it again (you smartphone people could watch it on your phone right at the horse) and then go tweak the fit!