How About Teaching Children in the Nurtural?

The Nurtural Bitless is wonderful for children! Many riding schools use this ‘better bitless bridle’.
Kids learn to ride with all their aids and develop softer hands.

Toddlers Can Control Horses Nurturally!

Inspired Horsemanship by Jen Gruber has great success with teaching toddlers and children of all ages. All of Jen’s schooling horses work in the Nurtural!

These young riders showed how well school horses can behave in a Nurtural Bitless Bridle. Maybe it truly is a new day – when people realize all they can do with horses … by removing the bit!

Three times a day for 10 days , these young riders and horses put on amazing shows in the Spirit of the Horse Ring at Toronto’s Royal Winter Fair!

Stallion’s First Bitless Ride

This video shows Stephanie Smith riding 11 year old Canadian Grand Champion Morgan Stallion “P.R.’s A Promise Kept”.

“Promise” had always been ridden in a bit. His owner, Doug, rode him around the Spirit of the Horse Ring in a bit, then got off, removed the bit and turned him over to 15 year-old Stephanie. Steph put on the Nurtural Bitless Bridle and soon had Promise doing circles and halts and performing as if he had been ridden bitless for years.


Norwegian Fjords x2 Can Am Nova Scotia

Zoe Brooks and Gerry Guy, inventors of the Nurtural Bitless Bridle first directed the riders through a series of exercises using their usual bit. The audience scored (A) how well they completed each task and (B) how calm and responsive the horse was (their relationship.)

After only 5 minutes practice, they repeated the same exercises bitless in the Nurtural Bitless Bridle. The audience scored them again.

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