The benefits of using a Nurtural Bitless Bridle are numerous! Can a bridle improve your horse’s health?

More than 10,000 happy horses and their people over the past 10 years say it can.

There are over forty recognized diseases and ailments caused by regular bitting of a horse’s mouth, said Zoe Brooks, Director of Nurtural Horse. In addition to injuries caused by the bit, most bridle nose bands are designed to keep the horse’s mouth shut. An overly tightened nose band can lead to asphyxiation because the delicate nasal passages are held in an unnatural position and the nostrils cannot flair properly.

In contrast, the noseband of the Nurtural Bitless Bridle sits up on the nose at the point where the nasal bone and skull converge, so it does not restrict breathing. Every strap of the Nurtural stays loose unless you are pulling on a rein. The patented Circle-X prevents the noseband from becoming tight.

The physical problems of bits and tight bridles are outweighed many times by behavioral problems, Brooks continued. When horses use a Nurtural Bitless Bridle, you see immediate relaxation and improvement in their performance.

The Nurtural Bitless is a unique design different from any other bridle. It provides more points of communication and more consistent communication, so the horse quickly and clearly understands what you want. The Nurtural’s patented Circle-X under the jaw keeps every strap in the perfect position to give a consistent signal whenever you pull on a rein. The textured noseband holds its position and improves control when slowing and stopping. Short reinstraps improve steering control. Put together, it communicates more clearly and lets people do more with their horses than they can with other bridles.

Nurtural Bitless Bridles are becoming more available in tack shops. In addition, the company provides fast economical shipping and excellent customer service through their online and EBay stores.