Happy 2019, will you try something new?

nosesWhy do we make resolutions? Why do we look on last year and resolve to do something better and different? I think it is the hope we have to be better and to be different, we always want something more, right?

Again this year we want to have a theme hashtag, #TrainYourselfFirst
A. How much time do you spend hanging out with your horse? (There’s no magic number, but spending time together with no agenda is one way to really find the connection with her).
B. Check your emotions – and I mean really check them. Are you fearful from a fall? Are you in a hurry? Are you aggravated by your day or by the last time you were together? Find a way to drop them at the door.

C. Check your expectations. I know that sounds weird but I see everyday how my un-acknowledged expectations steal the joy out of nearly every moment. You can’t have expectations with a horse unless it’s super old and deadbroke.

D. Can you ride bareback? If you can’t or don’t – I can’t recommend it strongly enough. When you ride bareback, YOU train your body to have a frame; YOU train yourself to have a center of balance; YOU gain confidence in yourself. When you have confidence in yourself, your horse will feel it and have confidence too.

Just some food for thought!

Now, for the competitors out there. You CAN compete bitless – check out Interdressage on Facebook for some new ideas and possibilities.

Also, there are tons of groups formed on Facebook – come join the conversation which was started by Zoe herself, Bitless Believers.  Some great discussions are held, some photos are shared, overall it’s a great community for the topic of Bitless. Recently someone posted this:One comment gleaned from the Bitless Believers group today, question posed was: why do people hate bits? This was one answer worth sharing:
“I also thought bits to be pretty standard coming from a show jumping background. And then my TB had mouth issues so I had no choice but to go bitless. I then realised how much we actually force horses to do instead of teaching them. All because the bit has the potential to cause a serious amount of pain. So many horses are actually educated out of fear more than anything else. When I went bitless, I had to TEACH my boy how to carry himself and use himself properly because I realised I was just making him do it in the bit. It was quite a scary realisation for me. After I started to teach and not force, he has become the most responsive horse I’ve ever ridden! It’s one of the best and most satisfying feelings to watch my boy grasp a concept because he’s chosen to and wants to do it for me, as there’s absolutely no ways I could’ve forced him.”

Nurtural is more than a bridle – we foster the idea that you can have a partnership based on teaching instead of forcing.

And one final note: playing with your horse could yield you rewards you never dreamed of, here’s an article well worth reading: https://goo.gl/MfQpO6 

Cheers and see you soon!