Good For Training Young Horses?

Many people, like Zoe and Gerry, do all their training in the Nurtural Bitless Bridle.
From teaching babies to lead to round-pen training to first ride ¦ and every ride thereafter!
Enjoy the fun!

Watch this video and see the Nurtural being used to train young horses.

At the time of this taping:

  • Paxton was a 2.5 year old breeding stallion — nurtured from 6 months age
  • At 1:49 see Mina was a 2.5 year old filly — who came to Guys’ Acres at age 2 with the most negative attitude we have seen
  • At 2:57 see how you can handle a potential bucking session Nurturally
  • At 3:08 see Boy named Sioux who was trained by Kris Kokal, of HorseTenders for the Extreme Mustang Makeover. Have you ever seen a horse ridden bitless and blindfolded? This mustang was wild on the range 100 days earlier!
Check back often for more success stories of babies and horses being started Nurturally and never feeling a bit in the mouth at all!