Can You Drive In The Nurtural?

When we asked our clients what they can do in their Nurtural Bitless Bridle, the answer was a resounding: “The better question is what CAN’T we do?” And that includes driving!


    • A Norwegian Fjord mare line-driven then in a cart, bitless for the first time

    • A Morgan stallion line-driven twice in the Nurtural

    • Two minis in carts – no bits! No blinders! No checks! No problems!

We make and customize bridles for ‘mini’s to mammoths’. Driving bridles are available in Nylon, Synthetic and Ranchman leather. Nurtural Bitless Driving bridles feature durable stainless steel hardware and the highest quality Mennonite craftsmanship. Upgrades include creating your bridle in your colour scheme, brass hardware, and custom sizing.

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Click here for this article on Bitless Driving was written in Rural Heritage Magazine.