What Makes Nurtural Unique?

The Nurtural Bitless Bridle sends more signals, and more consistent signals, than any other bridle.

  1. Our solid crownpiece ensures the reinstraps do not slip or become uneven, providing minimal, yet gently consistent whole head pressure for slowing and stopping

  2. The noseband’s textured rubber gripping gives added contact, preventing chafing and slipping.

  3. The patented Circle-X which

    a. anchors the reinstraps securely under the jaw, so they stay on the horse’s cheek for maximum directional control.

    b. insures that the reinstraps do not twist, tangle or pinch. (Proper fitting and adjustment of the reinstraps length allow you to attach your reins close to the horses mouth to improve bending and stopping signals.)

    c. adds a stabilizing effect, allowing for the bridle to be fitted loosely enough that you can easily slide your flat hand under every strap (a true pressure and release so that pressure is ask and release is reward)

    d. when pressure is applied, acts to minimize the pressure that reaches the poll