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Step-by-Step Fitting Guide

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Fitting Instructions

How to Properly Fit the Nurtural Bitless Bridle

Step 1: Tack up in your regular bridle and ride for 10 minutes.

For best results, after you have watched the video below, and I know this sounds …different, tell your horse what’s happening. Tack him/her up in their regular bridle and ride for 10 or 15 minutes – WTC, stop and back – everything you do normally.

Then remove the bridle and set aside, now it’s time to fit the Nurtural.

Step 2: Remember to leave room for comfort everywhere!

Watch the fitting videos below, we even have a ‘Fix Your Fit’ video. Scroll further to see written instructions.

Cannot stress this enough: fit this bridle loosely – you should be able to slide your flat hand easily under every strap! AND the REINSTRAP is NEVER positioned as a throatlatch…even if your brain wants to!


Step-by-Step Visual Guide

  1. Unbuckle the Reinstrap and Cheekstrap on one side of the bridle and slip the bridle on over the ears.
  2. First, find the level at which the noseband will sit by gently feeling the soft cartilage of the nostrils and sliding your hand up until the nasal bone and the skull converge, now buckle your Cheekstrap there. You want the Noseband resting on the hard part of the horse’s nose.
      • Buckle the Noseband up leaving lots of room for comfort – it’s got to be loose! 
      • The Noseband is never tight and never restricts breathing.
  3. Buckle up the Reinstrap, at the same hole as the Cheekstrap for now, you’ll be doing some tweaking of the fit later!
  4. Slide the keepers from the Circle-X, we want to position it properly – it is how you manage to make the Reinstrap cross at the proper place on the cheek. (Lots of people think the Circle-X doesn’t move but it does and it is the key to making the cheekstrap stay on the wide part of the cheek instead of becoming a throatlatch.)
  5. To have the proper adjustment for the Circle-X, you hold the Reinstrap rings so they just meet under the chin.
  6. Now thread the excess (if you have excess strap, most do) UP through the Circle-X, and you can now adjust the Cheekstrap buckle if necessary.
  7. Pull them through the Circle-X to shorten or lengthen. (Think of how your even up laces on shoes…)
  8. The Circle-X should be about 1.5 inches from the noseband. The reinstrap must cross the widest part of the horse’s cheek.
  9. Slide the keepers back onto the Circle-X and you are ready to go!


Image Gallery: Fitting the Nurtural Bitless Bridle

When properly fitted:

  1. The noseband sits loosely on the hard part of the nose – above the nasal passages.
  2. The reinstrap rings extend just 2 to 3 inches past the noseband rings (they just touch under the chin).
  3. The reinstraps cross the widest part of the cheek – with no pressure where they cross under to the Circle-X.
    – Check the “wiggle room here!
  4. The Circle-X is centered under the jaw, usually with 1.5-2 inches between the Circle-X and the noseband.

Now it’s time to do your ground work and have your first ride in the Nurtural! Remember you warmed up in your regular tack, now a 10 minute ride doing what you did before gives your horse the chance to relate the two situations and make a choice of whether s/he prefers the bitless. Have a look here for transitioning and see how others have done!

As with any new equipment, it’s best to take some time for both of you to become accustomed to this bridle in a safe familiar environment. Show your horse how it works on the ground. Stop and turn a few times at each gait.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or questions. We CAN help. Check out our youtube videos and find us on Facebook to see what other Nurtural owners say!

What Our Customers Are Saying

After properly fitting the Nurtural Bitless Bridle, my horse has never been happier. The comfort and control it provides are unmatched. I noticed an immediate improvement in our rides. Thank you, Nurtural Bitless Bridles!

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Switching to the Nurtural Bitless Bridle was the best decision I made for my horse. The fitting process was straightforward, and the results were incredible. My horse is more relaxed and responsive. Highly recommend!

Michael R.

I was skeptical at first, but after fitting the Nurtural Bitless Bridle correctly, the change in my horse’s behavior was astonishing. No more stress, just smooth and enjoyable rides. This bridle is a game-changer!

Sarah K.

The Nurtural Bitless Bridle has transformed our riding experience. Proper fitting was key, and once we got it right, my horse was more comfortable and cooperative. It’s a must-have for any horse owner!

Tom L.

Fitting the Nurtural Bitless Bridle properly made all the difference. My horse is now more comfortable and less stressed, leading to better rides and a stronger bond between us. I can’t thank you enough!

Emily W.

Be a better rider, a happier equestrian and establish a better rapport with your horse

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