How Do I Measure My Horse

Getting the right size Nurtural for your horse is critical. Guessing based on weight or name of breed is risky business. This headstall is the opposite of any you ever bought before in that you want it loose all over. You have to be able to slide your hand, easily, under every strap. You can fine tune the correct sizing for the Nurtural Bridle by taking two easy measurements of your horse:

Hint: Use a string or piece of binder twine, then measure the string. Strings generally hold still to be measured a whole lot better than horses do!

Measurement A – The NOSEBAND:

Take a measurement around the nose of your horse, 1 to 2 inches above the crease in the lips. Another way to gauge the proper placement is to find where the cartilage of the nose goes good and hard and then place an inch above that.




Measurement B – CROWN to LIP CREASE:

Take a second measurement from the centre of the poll, between the ears, to the same place that you measured the nose, just above the lip crease. (Down the side of the head where the headstall will sit).


Measuring the browband is not necessary, just a way to make doubly certain that the bridle is perfect!


sizing chart small