Why Nurtural is Better

The unique design makes it work better! It’s all about the patented Circle-X, solid poll/crownpiece and textured noseband!


  1. The poll/crownpiece of Nurtural Bitless Bridle is always solid.
      • The solid poll/crownpiece ensures that the reinstraps do not slip. Consistent rein lengths send clearer messages to your horse and improve your control. Other bitless bridles with split poll/crownpieces have the reinstraps as a single piece over the poll. In these other designs, if you pull on one rein, it can become uneven (there’s no Circle-X to hold them) Imagine riding with one reins shorter than the other! **update: most other bitless bridles have transitioned to the solid poll/crownpiece, yay!
      • The solid poll/crownpiece coupled with the Circle-X means poll pressure is only applied when extreme pressure is applied – split poll/crownpieces mean more poll pressure and discomfort for your horse more muscle requirement from you.


  2. Reinstraps of the Nurtural Bitless Bridle are held securely under the jaw by our patented Circle-X.adjust_CircleX
      • The Circle-X provides adjustment so you can position the reinstraps on the widest part of your horse’s cheek. This gives your horse consistent signals and gives you maximum turning control. The reinstraps of other bitless bridles can slip to different positions on the cheek, or even fall off the cheek entirely. This sends inconsistent signals to the horse, or no signal at all.
      • The Circle-X holds the reinstraps in a loose ‘cradle’ ready to apply pressure when you pull on a rein. You can adjust the Circle-X to give the very best fit for each horse. There is no pressure on your horse’s face unless you pull on a rein. Other bitless bridles have been reported to tighten up and apply unwanted pressure under the jaw.
      • The Circle-X prevents our reinstraps from twisting and tangling under the jaw. Reinstraps of other bitless bridles can twist and tangle so badly that they have been reported to tighten under the horse’s jaw and not release, causing the horse to run away to try to avoid the pressure created by the tightened tangle.
      • The Circle-X provides a consistent whole head hug that is unique to our bridle. When you pull back on both reins, the first pressure is applied to the nose and as you apply more pressure Circle-X creates a gentle hug to the nose and under the jaw signaling the horse to stop. While we don’t believe the tack stops the horse – we hope you will train the horse to respond to your seat, legs and voice – it is undeniable that the whole head hug does get the horse’s attention without extreme measures. The Circle-X makes this bridle so stable, you can manage a one rein stop when needed.


  3. Reinstraps of the Nurtural Bitless Bridle are shorter than most and with lots of adjustment.
      • Lots of adjustment in the Nurtural reinstraps lets you attach your reins close to the horse’s mouth. If you are accustomed to a bit, this gives you the same feel as using a bit.
      • Even if you and your horse have never used a bit, the short reinstraps provide clear consistent signals. Other bitless bridles have long reinstraps with reins attaching back by your horse’s ear. You wouldn’t think it would make a difference, but try it! You have much better control when you attach the reinstraps close to the horse’s mouth.


  4. Textured ‘Grippy’ Noseband:
    • The noseband is loose – but, due to the ‘grippy’ texture strip seating itself into the hair of the face there is no slipping or chafing!


  • IN THE END:logo.png

    • This Bitless Bridle with crossover reinstrap stabilizer is a unique design different from any other bitless bridle, and is protected by 3 patents: Canadian Patent CA2522524; Worldwide Patent Pending PCT/CA2006/001597; US Patent Pending 12/066,167