About the designers…


Zoe C. Brooks and Gerry Guy

We are back yard horse lovers. We both loved horses and the idea of living on a farm since childhood, but neither of us had owned a horse or a farm until we bought this beautiful property in 1997. With the help of a friend, we acquired 3 young horses, then 3 more in case company came, and then ¦ we soon had a dozen here, including the occasional rescue.

Our first experiences with our young horses were a little less than the dream-come-true I had envisioned. Lessons from neighbours showed us how to use bits, chains and tempers.

But the more we learned to listen to our horses, the more we changed our ways.

Finally I went with a friend to a two day natural horsemanship clinic. I was positively inspired! We continued to learn the natural horsemanship techniques through a selection of videos and DVDs from several of the masters. It was not as easy as it looked!

With practice and perseverance, we created our own mix of techniques so that Gerry and I could consistently tag-team train a horse from the first lesson to first ride in three days.

It was Hazel, a Canadian Mare, that inspired the Nurtural Bitless Bridle. She would willingly do anything I asked her in a rope halter. But the moment I picked up the reins to the bit, her whole personality changed! She began swinging her head and thrashing and backing up and trying to get rid of me. I said This is ridiculous! This horse does not need a bit – and I am not riding her in one! I got off, put her away and began my quest for a bitless bridle. The ones we found did not give me enough control over this challenging handful of a horse. So we worked with the design and in September of 2005 patented the Nurtural Bitless Bridle.

It is in our nature to nurture.

We raise baby horses, care for orphaned birds and kittens, tend to wounds, rescue critters in trouble and cry if we suffer a loss.

We are humbly delighted by the many wonderful emails we receive and conversations we share with so many people.
Each individual story tells how a life was made happier because of the Nurtural Bitless bridle. How cool is that!

Every single horse at our Nurtural Challenges has done better in the Nurtural Bitless than whatever bit or other bitless they were using. We believe that the not-too-distant future will see bitless bridles accepted and used more often than bits. We don’t think horses need bits at all, if they are raised and trained nurturally.

We appreciate every person who uses a bitless bridle and helps to raise the dawn of “The Bright New Bitless Day.” You are changing history! Please continue to share your stories here!